Mrs. Grace Abena James


Mrs James has been in various Pan African organizations from Canada to Ethiopia, and now Tanzania, spanning over 30 years.

As Managing Director and CEO, for Merita Technologies, she brings over 28 years experience to the company. Mrs. James’ training and experience has been in business and human resource management.
She handled the company’s registration, and compliance for operating in the 3 countries the company has been in. Her attention is focused on the Business Development aspect of Merita Technologies, finding the talents, sourcing projects, and ensuring that the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the company are achieved.

In 1989, she was a member of the CFTA, a Canadian grassroots movement that advocated for
shutting down a racist exhibit about Africa at the Royal Ontario Museum. Her focus went on to, with her husband (a Software Architect), raising their 2 daughters while managing their Tech company. In the midst of that, she lived in Ghana, and while there, helped women farmers in the Brong Ahafo Region to be the recipient of the Women in Farming Project award. This led to her becoming a board member for Asuaga Gari Women’s Co-op, assisting to expand the operation from 6 women to 35, increasing production, and building an innovative Gari factory. Which, recently, is the recipient of another award – with government support, is the 1st Cassava Biofuel project in Ghana. Supplying power to the town it’s in.

Her Pan African work expanded when she officially repatriated to Ethiopia. As a Facilitator for
SRDC (6th Region Diaspora Caucus), Abena organized a trade and investment conference in
Ethiopia, and afterwards, Jamaica. This yielded an MOU with the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, and a chapter in Jamaica. She resumed NGO work as the Secretary of the Ethiopia World Federation. There, she worked on re-filing the NGO’s paperwork needed for them to acquire their Income Generating Status certification. In addition, participated in mobilizing the Jamaican Diaspora to, and met with, the then Jamaican PM, Portia Simpson, to request representation with the Ethiopian government for residency registration.

She later moved to Kenya and through her IT company’s CSR mission, provided space and
management support to young people in visual arts. In addition, she worked with the Bandung
Conference to provide laptops to Karen public school, and Thika Women’s Prison inmates. Also
liaised with the Kenya Diaspora Alliance and the Jamaican Consulate in Nairobi to connect with the current Jamaican PM, Hon. Holness, to discuss collaboration on various trade projects.
Mrs James continues her NGO advocacy work in Tanzania, as the Chairperson for the 6th Region African Diaspora Alliance in Tanzania, an NGO for and by the African Descendants repatriating to Tanzania. The organ focuses on helping people to repatriate, integrate into the society, give back to the
country, and contribute to advocacy work for the African Descendants and their Right to Return to Africa.

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