More than 50 years ago—a full half century, Pan Africans from around the world met in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania for the 6th Pan African Congress. This was an international gathering that pulled together advocates with very meaningful theory and visionary ideas for how to help accelerate and complete the rest of the anti-colonial struggles to return African land and resources to African people, and how to develop positive and effective governmental structures that would bind together the talents of the majority of African women, men and children to build the unified Africa that Africans deserve. The African Diaspora participated in this ultimately successful series of campaigns that brought state racism in South Africa and in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) down. There was also substantial Diasporan help provided to militarized African Liberation activities.

Among many other efforts, the 7 PAC (1994) in Uganda, and the 8th PAC (2014) in South Africa occurred and added more Diasporan fire to the drive to eradicate neo-colonialism and build overall African success and resilience. And the struggle continues.
In the early years of the 21st century, during ist transition from the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the building of the African Union (AU), to take its place in the next stage of building the Africa that Africans need, the outgoing executive director of the OAU made a seconded motion to have the new African Union invite the African Diaspora to formally join the AU effort to move Africa forward. The motion passed handily. In a following meeting, the AU heads of state voted to authorize ECOSOCC and CIDO of the AU to organize processes for 20 Diasporans to be brought into the AU as members of ECOSOCC. This decision re-energized the African Diaspora worldwide.

In 2012, after a long series of meetings and conferences with members of the African Diaspora, the African Union held a significant conference in South Africa—-the African Union Diaspora Conference—specifically for the African Diaspora and agreed to and promulgated the current Diaspora Declaration. However, it is now 2022, ten years later, and the 20 Diasporan seats in the AU remain unfilled and most of the actions stipulated in the Diasporan Declaration remain inoperable or barely sustained.
We, members of the African Diaspora, therefore call for a Pan African Congress-type gathering in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the tenth anniversary of the Diaspora Declaration to meet and assess the next steps forward in uniting the progressive actions of the Diaspora with those of the African Union and to make substantial progress in laying claim to the 20 designated Diasporan seats in the AU.
All organized members of the African Diaspora who can make the trip, or who can send representatives to speak and vote for your position, are invited to this gathering on May 24-28, 2022. There will be serious and frank discussions, and actionable decisions made.

Forward Ever, Backward Never, The Diasporan Organizers.

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