DATE: 23 - 28 MAY, 2022

The 25th of May 2022, The World Africa Day, will mark the tenth year since the Heads of State and Government and Representatives of the African Union, the West Indies, Latin America, South America, and varied representatives from the African Diaspora met during the Global African Diaspora Summit in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa and witnessed the historic adoption of the African Union-African Diaspora Declaration concerning the Diaspora Sixth Region of Africa.

Following recent consultations with the CIDO about what the African Union Commission intended to do on May 25, 2022 or thereabouts, to review the progress that has occurred during the past ten years— the answer was “no planning”. As such, African Diaspora Civil Society organizations, Pan Africanists, and African Activist Organizations have taken the initiative to organize a special Roundtable on the AU Diaspora Declaration: Ten Years After.

Our Hosts for the Roundtable

Professor Dr. David Horne
Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus -Dr David Horne
African Union African Diaspora 6th Region FWG Europe. - Dr. Barryl A. Biekman
Archnishop Dr Chidiebere Anelechi Ogbu
African Diaspora Union - Archbishop Dr. Chidiebere Anelechi Ogbu
Mrs. Grace Abena
6th Region African Diaspora Alliance in Tanzania - Mrs. Grace Abena James

Supporting Organizations

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Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (WHS) and affiliated Pan-African Movements, Organizations, Networks and other Activists 

African Diaspora Union (AFRIDU)

African Union African Diaspora 6th Region (FWG EU)

African Business Information Bank (African BIB)

African Views Organization

African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) Barbados Chapter

The AfroAtlantic Theologies & Treaties Institute/Bénin

Ki-Zerbo Committee 

National Platform Dutch Slavery Past

Europe-Wide Council for Afrikan Reparations

Global African SHEROES Union

Idrammeh Institute

Middle East African Diaspora Unity Council

PANAFSTRAG International

The Right to Return Alliance



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